How to Apply White Space in Web Design

        White space is known as the empty space in a design which was left intentionally or unintentionally. The colour of white space does not necessarily need to be white colour, it could be from monochrome colour to multi-colour. Expert website designer would love to play around with white space as white space is time-saving and convenient.

Photo by MindBodyStock on Unsplash.

There are a few ways which you can refer to as listed below:

1. Keep the background empty and clean

This is the most basic ways of applying white space in your design. Too creative can destroy your design as the viewers do not know which is your main message that you wish to convey. A complicated background confused the viewers. If you apply white space, the viewers will focus on your main selling points rather than your background.

2. Eliminate the unnecessary

A large dose of unnecessary elements in your design kill. You will confuse your viewers if you put in a lot of unnecessary elements in your design. Remove the unnecessary content such as icon, borders or other elements to obtain more white space. If those eliminated elements can help you to promote your message, you should remain those elements.

3. Increase the background image size

Increasing the background image here means if your words are merging into the background image, you should either increase the background image size or decrease the words size to create more white space for yourself.

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